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Project Class: 
01/2008 to 01/2011

In the first phase of the project subjective listening tests has been carried out to describe the human perceptional space and to identify different disturbing characteristics of current aircraft sounds. For this paired comparison and semantic differential test methods has been used.
Our Laboratory has participated in the pilot tests, in creating and developing the psycho-metric testing software package and by carrying out extensive listening tests. The latter involved participants from the resident population from ages 15 to 60, from both genders.
After evaluation of the results the important disturbing factors has been identified. In the next phase of the project, synthesized aircraft sounds will be used varying only one disturbing factor by each. This will help us to better identify the most annoying factors.
For recruiting "subjects" we had a nice flash animation, which has been put on one of the most important Hungarian Internet portals ( The flash is unfortunately in Hungarian...
In another part (Workpackage 5) of the project a virtual resident will be constructed, which will be (hopefully) able to predict the human annoyance of an aircraft sound.