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INNOSOUND - Innovative Methods and Tools for the Sound Design of Organ Pipes

11/2008 to 11/2010

Organ building is a traditional craftsmanship deeply rooted in Europe's history and culture, which entails valuable know-how transmitted generation after generation. The organ builder SMEs have recognized that the quality and the effectiveness of their work can be considerably enhanced by adopting scientific and technological innovations in their craftsmanship. The EU funded, collaborative research project aims at developing innovative design methods and technologies, which can be applied in the daily practice of organ builders in order to optimize the design and production of organs and, more importantly, without endangering the valuable traditions inherent to their fabrication. Budapest University of Technology and Economics / Dept. of Telecommunications, research partner in the project under the coordination of Fraunhofer Institut für Bauphysik / Dept. of Musical Acoustics, develops up-do-date computational tools to shorten fabrication processes and help the scaling, voicing and tuning of organ pipes.